Diving mask lenses

Diving mask lenses

For clearest possible vision under and above water!

See as clearly as possible under water with optical glasses by Pingel Optik. Our 40 years of experience in under-water optics enables every diver to dive problemfreely and experience everything safely and reliably.

Corrective lenses are integrated in the mask of your choice to suit all optical conditions – pupillary distance (PD), centring, vision point, full use of visual field.

Precise correction for all permanent glasses wearers:Web-Blau-Glas-Englisch-1-Fern

  • Shortsightedness up to – 15.0 dpt.
  • Farsightedness up to + 7.0 dpt.
  • Astigmatism up to ± 6.0 dpt.
  • Higher values on request
  • For the shortsighted who can read better without correction the lower portion of the lens can be ground off.

Distance: from € 75,- per lens


Correction for all wearers of reading glasses:Web-Blau-Glas-Englisch-2-Nah

  • Presbyopia up to + 3.5 dpt.
  • Astigmatism
  • Ideal for reading diver’s watch and computer
  • Optimum for setting camera
  • Clear view of film and video camera display
  • Personal requirements taken into consideration (height and size of the near portion)

Near: from € 62.50 per lens


Correction for all 50+ divers:Web-Blau-Glas-Englisch-3-Biifokal

  • Ideal combination for distance and near vision under water
  • Possible for all dioptre values
  • Integrated near portion, so no perceptible segment lines at the point of transition
  • Easy transition from distance to near vision
  • Optimum varifocal glasses replacement

Bifocal: from € 165,- per lens


Varifocal panoramic lenses:Web-Blau-Glas-Englisch-7-Gleitsicht - Neu

  • Stepless vision under water in all ranges
  • Distance strength of between - 10.00 dpt. and + 6.00 dpt possible
  • Any near addition possible
  • Latest technology, so highest comfort
  • Successfully tested – vision is precise as it is above water
  • Blue water, dive buddies, diving computer and camera – everything at a glance
  • The premium solution!

Varifocal: from € 250,- per lens

Special requirements? No problem!

We would be pleased to advise you. Please contact us at thomas@pingel-optik.de or by phone 0049-211-133327.